Thibodaux Restaurant | Half Shell Seafood Restaurant
BY: Natalie Daigle

Half Shell Seafood Restaurant

Properly named as the Half Shell Seafood, the restaurant serves many of Louisiana’s wonderful crustaceans. The often crowded restaurant off of St. Mary’s Highway is one of Thibodaux’s best kept secrets. The southern atmosphere helps customers relax and slow down after a long day.

When I first entered the informal restaurant, I felt like I was walking on my grandpa’s shrimp boat (I could almost feel the waves from the Gulf of Mexico rocking me to sleep). The restaurant’s nautical décor consists of wall hangings and pictures that involve boats, seafood, nets, and water. The decorations remind me of those found in beach houses, boats, and the sea.

After being seated with my family, we ordered our drinks, an appetizer of onion rings, and an assortment of the entrees that the menu offers. I ordered the grilled chicken po’ boy with cheese, my little sister ordered the seafood-stuffed baked potato, my older sister ordered fried oysters, my mom ordered a fried shrimp po’ boy, and my dad ordered the seafood platter.

There are often commercials on television where families pass the plate to try every dish. Well, my family definitely did that night. I can attest to every dish being delish–except for the oysters because it is not my favorite mollusk (but my sister claims the oysters were absolutely divine).

The batter used for the fried onion rings made them perfectly crunchy and completely delectable. The seafood-stuffed baked potato was delicious! Even though I ordered the grilled chicken po’ boy, the crab meat, shrimp, cheese, potato, and bacon were perfectly mixed to a delicious concoction that made the seafood-stuffed baked potato my favorite. The small potato is more than enough for a decent meal, but if you are really hungry, I would try the large.

You might be thinking who goes to a seafood restaurant and orders chicken?  It may seem weird, but the chicken was grilled to perfection. The chicken was not completely dry like at other places; it was wonderfully flavored and darkened while still remaining juicy. The bread used for the po’ boys was a true French bread–crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, resulting in a lap full of crumbs!

Half Shell is one of many small Cajun restaurants in Louisiana. While it may not be well known, the few who know about it, know Half Shell is known for its amazing food. Some of its amazing food is the seafood- stuffed baked potato, so do not go without trying it! Prices range from $7 to $25.

What Cajun Daughters love about Half Shell:  The delicious seafood-stuffed baked potato made my mouth water, the decorations reminded me of my grandparents, and the atmosphere was very homey. Stop by Half Shell and try the creamy concoction of the potato yourself!

Half Shell Seafood Restaurant
1106 St. Mary Highway
Thibodaux, Louisiana