Thibodaux Restaurant | Gamble for the Jackpot at the Lucky Stop
BY: Natalie Daigle

The Lucky Stop

Is it ironic that I was very lucky when I stopped at the Lucky Stop for lunch with a friend one day? The first time I ever ate there, I thought I hit the jackpot!

Most people frown upon food from gas stations (I mean, who wouldn’t?) but the food at the Lucky Stop sure was some of the best fried food I have ever eaten. It was definitely worth every calorie!

The Lucky Stop menu offers breakfast options, amazing sandwiches, delectable platters, salads, and sides. The menu offers a variety of dishes, but they do specialize in po’boys.

Also, who ever heard of a gas station that offers catering?! Well, the Lucky Stop does with very reasonable prices! With a variety of options, amazing prices, and great service, it is hard to go wrong by stopping at the Lucky Stop!

I ordered a fried shrimp po’boy, a drink, and onion rings for lunch with a friend. Everything came to a total of just under ten dollars! It was amazing quality and more than enough food for the price. The batter the cooks used was delicious, the seafood fresh, and the bread was perfectly crunchy. Some restaurants think a fried shrimp po’boy is just bread with a couple of shrimp. At the Lucky Stop, though, a fried shrimp po’boy is French bread that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, overflowing with shrimp.

You might think that my experience of having this heavenly meal at a gas station a little bit outrageous but I can promise, it is not. I have eaten at the Lucky Stop by the Carmel Inn on the corner of Highway 1 and St. Charles Street in Thibodaux many times now and they have NEVER disappointed me. The food is delicious, hot, fresh, and fast. And if you want it even faster, you can call in your order and have it waiting for you to pick up.

I highly recommend you take the chance and stop at the Lucky Stop like I did. Who knows, if you take the gamble, you might hit the jackpot, too!

What Cajun Daughters love about the Lucky Stop:  We love how the food is great quality, reasonably priced, and the service is fast.

The Lucky Stop
100 St. Charles Street
Thibodaux, Louisiana