Thibodaux Restaurant | Cool Off with Bing Cherry
BY: Natalie Daigle

Cool Off with Bing Cherry

Some people like to cool off in the pool, some people like to cool off with snowballs, some prefer ice cream, but I like to cool off with Bing Cherry. Have you ever tried frozen yogurt? How about fixing the frozen yogurt how you like it with how ever much you want? At Bing Cherry you can do both!

Currently located in Houma and Thibodaux, one can delight in this cool treat. There are a multitude of flavors offered, but they are not always the same options every time you go. Frozen yogurt is already healthier than ice cream and snowballs, but if you are very health conscious, Bing Cherry also offers low fat options.

My favorite flavor is cake batter. I have tried most of the options, and I have yet to try a flavor that I do not like. Join the health craze and treat yourself to some fro-yo! I promise it will not disappoint.

If you are hesitant to try frozen yogurt, Bing Cherry offers free samples. Why not indulge in the great opportunity of trying frozen yogurt? Once you enter into the friendly environment, you retrieve a cup. You fill the cup with which flavor you like or however many flavors you want. After filling your cup with the frozen yogurt, you can delight in the toppings station. The station offers fresh fruit, candy, chocolate chips, various types of syrup, cereals, crushed cookies….just about anything you could think of putting on top of your frozen yogurt!

When you finish putting on your toppings, bring your treat to the cash register where the attendant weighs your cup and you pay by the ounce. I would advise that you do not go too overboard with the toppings because the weight does add up. I personally have had my cup costing me anywhere between $1 and $6. Every dollar I’ve spent on Bing Cherry has been worth it!

You can enjoy your frozen yogurt inside the shop or enjoy the seating area outside of the hip fro-yo shop. The environment is great to take out friends for dessert, end a casual date, or have a family outing. The atmosphere at Bing Cherry is basically the perfect place to enjoy life with a delicious cup of frozen yogurt.

So what are you waiting for? Cool off in this heat with a cup of Bing Cherry’s frozen yogurt.

What Cajun Daughters Love about Bing Cherry: A tasty, healthier “cool off” choice in this south Louisiana heat that gives you plenty of options to create your own treat!

810 North Acadia Road
Thibodaux, Louisiana

500 Corporate Drive
Houma, Louisiana