Thibodaux Restaurant | A Bakery, Cafe, or Tree? – Weeping Willow
BY: Natalie Daigle

Weeping Willow Cafe in Thibodaux, Louisiana

A quaint bakery and café located in downtown Thibodaux, Weeping Willow is the place to stop for fresh baked goods. Upon entering the café and bakery, I immediately thought that it was the perfect place to just relax. While there were some people rushing in and out with their orders, the atmosphere is calming and very tranquil. Now it could have been the aroma of coffee or freshly baked goods contributing to my initial opinion, but I can tell Weeping Willow has a true ambience. Quality pastries, sandwiches, and soups keep customers returning to this new Thibodaux bakery.

Popular among the locals, Weeping Willow serves remarkable dishes for lunch, brunch, or coffee and dessert with friends and family. Hot or cold, the sandwiches are absolutely extraordinary. I ordered a turkey provolone melt for lunch with a chocolate chip cookie on the side. The sandwich I ordered is actually called Turkey Pepper Jack Melt, but I replaced the pepper jack cheese for provolone cheese. The fresh bread, melted cheese, and warm turkey made the perfect Panini combination. Weeping Willow’s secret to success is that they actually make their own bread.

The tranquil café serves a variety of sweets. Some of the desserts and pastries include cupcakes, brownies, cookies, muffins, cake-balls, and other sweets. I am known for my homemade chocolate chip cookies, but Weeping Willow’s chocolate chip cookies give mine a run for its money.

Weeping Willow serves multiple drinks. Some of the drinks offered are the typical drinks from every other restaurant, but a few of the teas and coffees can only be found at Weeping Willow. While the cup the drink is served in does not help the taste, it contributes to the ambience. I mean, how cute is it to have your drink served in a mason jar? The café and bakery knows how to take an ordinary drink, sandwich, or pastry, and make it extraordinary with little things like serving drinks in mason jars, making fresh bread for sandwiches, and delicious sweets.

What Cajun Daughters love about Weeping Willow: We love how the food is great quality for low prices. The fresh bread absolutely melts in your mouth because it is so heavenly!

Weeping Willow Cafe
704 West 3rd Street
Thibodaux, Louisiana