Raceland Restaurant | The Goalpost Drive Inn
BY: Natalie Daigle

The Goalpost Drive Inn

There are many restaurants, cafes, and bistros throughout the world. I have traveled to many places and tried different cuisines from all over, but I must say that Louisiana has the best food. The food may not always be the healthiest, but it is definitely the most delicious. In Louisiana, food is more than just something you eat. Food is an art, an experience, and a feeling. The people who create and cook the food care about what they serve. Some of the most important things in life are celebrated with food.

One of my favorite places to eat along Bayou Lafourche is the Goalpost Drive Inn. The Raceland restaurant has some of the best burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and ice cream. My mom remembers eating at the Goalpost as a little girl and it is still one of her favorite places to stop and get a burger and sundae. I grew up eating at the Goalpost and every time I have ever been there, I have gotten the same quality food…delicious and scrumptious.

I am not much for hotdogs. However, I will NEVER pass up a Goalpost hotdog. They have the absolute best hotdogs I have ever had my entire life. I typically order the chili cheese poboy hotdog. I swear that it is one of the best concoctions on this planet. The poboy is about a foot long with two large hotdogs cut in half so that it looks like you are eating four hotdogs! Even though I probably could eat the entire thing myself, I always share the poboy with someone because it is a lot of food. The chili is seasoned so perfectly that it complements the French bread, cheese, and hotdogs just right.

While it has been a long time since I had a hamburger from the Goalpost, I remember that it was the absolute best burger I have ever eaten along the bayou. Some burgers are too greasy and others are too dry. The Goalpost hamburger is not greasy or dry but it is juicy enough to hold all the important flavors.

I would not go to the Goalpost without having one of their sundaes or milkshakes. While their chocolate milkshake is delicious, I prefer the hot fudge sundae. The hot fudge sundae is absolutely heavenly. The fudge is evenly distributed throughout the sundae (it is not too much or too little). One of the bonuses of having a hot fudge sundae from the Goalpost is that they care about how they present and fix your meal. They gave me the option of having nuts, a cherry, and whip cream with no additional charges. My meal was their food, but fixed exactly how I would have done it myself.

Many people call and order their food for pickup. I typically order and wait for my food there, but it is never a long wait. I think the longest I ever had to wait for my food was 8 minutes.

A variety of options and great prices, you can’t go wrong by stopping at the Goalpost. Next time you are along Highway 1 in Raceland, keep an eye out for the Goalpost on the bayouside. When you find it, stop because you will not regret your food experience!

What Cajun Daughters love about the Goalpost: We love that while the food is considered fast food, it does not taste like fast food. The food is prepared by people who love their job and care that you enjoy your experience. I also LOVE their burgers, hotdogs, and sundaes!

Goal Post Drive Inn
4275 Louisiana Hwy. 1
Raceland, Louisiana