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New Musical Group Aims to Preserve Cajun Culture and Ignite Renewed Interest in Cajun Music

BY: Martha D. Collins

The audience at the Second Annual Rotary Bayou Music Festival in Golden Meadow was treated to the inaugural performance of a new musical group with a new purpose. Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous played a variety of original music that was a mix of pop music, Cajun Zydeco, and a little rock. According to Mike Collins, squeeze box player, “We want to get the young people to enjoy the Cajun music enough that they will pick up the Vin Bruce CDs and other Cajun music and really enjoy them.” The band members agree that Cajun music is not so popular with the young people and they hope that with the fun lyrics and the popular beats to their songs that they can spark an interest in Cajun Zydeco music in this age range. Through their music and lyrics, they hope to reach their two goals: spark a new interest in the music in young people and keep alive the stories and Cajun heritage that they grew up with.

Brance Lloyd, washboard player, and Cody Guidry, bass player, wrote lyrics to songs like Doin Da Fou, Nutria Lady, Mudbugs ‘n Brew, and more that make any listener who has lived on the bayou smile with memories from childhood or stories told by parents or grandparents. With these songs and other songs like Leith Adams’ Roux ga Roux Shuffle and Mike Collins’ contribution of Aeeee, the group put together a full set of songs that touched on all aspects of bayou life. Whether it’s a poignant love story about the opening of white tail season, a peppy chant to rile up the Saints fans, getting stopped by the game wardens and worrying about going to jail, stories about encounters with alligators ‘possums, getting the boat ready for blessing of the fleet, getting in trouble with the old lady, or the long stretch of road between Leeville and Fourchon, the lyrics are catchy and fun to listen to. Most of all, we all seem to share some of these same experiences.

The fun does not stop with the pee-lay’ lyrics. The music makes you want to stand up and dance. The music, composed by squeeze box player, Mike Collins, along with input from the rest of the crew, is a mix of trendy music popular to any age with that magic touch of Cajun Zydeco sprinkled in just enough to give it that Cajun kick. Mike said he picked up the squeeze box a few months ago and decided that he would learn how to play it once the lyrics to their first song, Doin Da Fou, was finalized. Lead guitar player and lead vocalist, Philip Porche, has a great voice for these songs and adds his own style with the arrangements and lyrics. Adding Brent “Short” Klibert on the cowbell and Brance on the washboard really injected that Cajun beat into their music. Guitar player Travis Orgeron added in some rhythm and along with drummer, Leith Adams, kept a steady beat that made you want to two-step or waltz across the dance floor.

The audience was up on their feet with every song, dancing to the beat, smiling and laughing at the lyrics, and applauding each and every song. If the inaugural performance is any indication of how these young men’s talents will be met by future audiences, they will more than likely have great success in achieving their goals to ignite an interest in the young people to our unique Cajun music that preserve our diminishing Cajun culture through our stories and our way of life.

Many attending the Rotary Bayou Music Festival asked when and where they could hear Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous again. To contact the band for a booking or inquire about their music, call Cody Guidry at (985) 859-3078 or email the band at You can also check them out on Facebook and Myspace for more information. We’re looking forward to hearing what new music this group will come up with. This new group with a new purpose is going far!