Louisiana Travel | Places to Visit: Rayne, Louisiana

Rayne is one of the best-known communities in South Louisiana.  It’s famous for its annual Frog Festival and its well-deserved title of “Frog Capital of the World”.  Rayne hosts the Frog Festival as a tribute to all things frog.

The “Boulevard of Banners” is the beautiful approach to the city that leads to its other designated title of “Louisiana City of Murals”.  Nearly 30 frog murals decorate the buildings of downtown Rayne.  There is no doubt that the citizens of Rayne love their frogs!

You can shop for frog souvenirs at Worthmore’s 5 10 & 25 Cent Store where the motto is “If you can’t find it here, forget it.”  Known in Rayne as the store that has everything, the store opened in 1936 and still has the same look and service as it did back then.

Take time to visit Rayne’s Cultural Center, the Bernard-Bertrand House.  Home of the first mayor of Rayne, J.D. Bernard, the center hosts exhibits, performances, lectures in the humanities, art classes, workshops and special events.

What Cajun Daughters Love about Rayne:  You have to visit Worthmore’s 5 10 & 25 Cent Store.  They have everything!

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By: Docmo on November 21, 2011
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Maybe too late to review, but in St. Martinsville there is/was a restaurant named, “Possum’s.” I suppose the signature dish, or if not, what should be the signature dish, is/was, “Puff n Stuff.” It is a phillo cocoon, filled with seafood, I believe’ shrim, crawfish and crabmeat and several fifferent cheeses, baked in the oven. Simply delicious and fattening. Last I heard the restaurant was closed, but I have no news if it is closed for good. Someone told me that it was closed for renovations, but that the name would chane and the owner would also change. If the latter is true, don’t know if the menu will be the same. It was a wonderful place to enjoy an hour and a half lunch. Sort of like Gallitoire’s.
Another place is in Broussard, “Nash’s.” Great place to eat. Was told that they have either moved or opened another restaurant on Pinhook or Johnston in the city of Lafayette. Their Crabmeat au Gratin is the piece’ de restance. If you go there you have to have that au Gratin dish. Worth the drive of a hundred miles, just to savor the food. When I ate there it was around 9:00 P M in Louisiana and the co-owner-wife was running the show and her husband had just landed in Paris France with one or more of his cooks. Thyey were going to a cooking school. I tell you the truth, the cook they left behind sure as heck had no reason to go with them. He/ she, knew what they were doing.
Good Luck & good eating to all.


Thanks for the tips! We’ll check it out when we’re in that area again.

By: admin_susan on November 21, 2011
Thibodaux, LA
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