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Nottoway Plantation & Resort

Nottoway, the South’s largest remaining antebellum mansion, is one of the grandest of all plantations in South Louisiana. The Greek Revival and Italianate style mansion was completed in 1859 for John Hampden Randolph and his wife, Emily Jane Liddell Randolph, where they raised their eleven children.

Referred to as an “American castle”, Nottoway Plantation awes you with its grandeur. Nottoway boasts 53,000 square feet, has 64 rooms in its 3 floors, 6 interior staircases, 3 modern bathrooms, 22 massive square columns, 165 doors and 200 windows. It features 15½ foot high ceilings and 11 foot doors.  A few of the opulent features of the home:  Fancy chamber pots (flushing toilets) and hot and cold running water in all bathrooms, all unheard of at the time; gas lighting throughout the home, also unique at the time; mahogany stairways carpeted with velvet; and a bowling alley installed for the children.

But perhaps Nottoway’s most impressive feature is the semi-circular White Ballroom with Corinthian columns and hand-cast archways.  It was the site of many Randolph family parties, their daughters’ debuts to society, and five of the girls’ weddings. It is said that Randolph instructed, “I wish this room to be a pure white in order to offset the beauty of my ladies.”

A multi-million dollar renovation has added luxury resort amenities and corporate and social event venues to the historic grounds of Nottoway.  The property boosts a historic luxury hotel, 18 overnight rooms and suites, Ramsay’s Mansion Restaurant, an outdoor pool, hot tub and cabana, and coffee shop.

Nottoway Plantation & Resort
31025 Louisiana Hwy. 1
White Castle, Louisiana