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Marksville State Historic Site

The 42-acre Marksville State Historic Site is home to prehistoric Indian burial and ceremonial mounds.  The Marksville culture of 2000 years ago was characterized by elaborate mortuary ceremonialism, the construction of conical burial mounds, complex trade networks, decorative pottery, and the importation of certain raw materials. It is also possible that agriculture of a limited nature, such as the horticulture of native plants, had begun by this time.  The Marksville culture is a southeastern variant of the Hopewell culture centered in Ohio and Illinois.

The main portion of the Marksville site is surrounded by a semi-circular earthwork which is 3,300 feet long and ranges from 3 to 7 feet in height.  The enclosure opens on the edge of a bluff along Old River.  Six mounds of various sizes and shapes are located within the main enclosure.  Other mounds are built outside of it.

Marksville State Historic Site was recognized for its importance in American history in 1964 when it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

837 Martin Luther King Drive
Marksville, Louisiana