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Konriko Company Store and Rice Mill

The oldest rice mill in America celebrates its 100th year in 2012!  P. A. Conrad founded Conrad Rice Mill and Planting Company in 1912.  He started out by cutting the rice by hand and letting it sun-dry on the levees before putting the rice in the threshers.  Then, the rice was poured into 100-pound bags and taken to the mill.

In order to satisfy his customers, he began selling the rice in smaller sized bags as well as the standard 100-pound sacks.  In the 1950s, “KONRIKO” was trademarked as an acronym for Conrad Rice Company.

At the Konriko Company Store watch a historically correct presentation on Cajun culture, how it began and how it developed.  Then take a tour of the rice mill where you’ll see them package rice and make rice crackers.

The store has a vast array of local products, foods, t-shirts, Cajun jellies, and Cajun music tapes.  You can sample a free rice product that they’re cooking up and have a cup of the best coffee in town!

307 Ann Street
New Iberia, Louisiana

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