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Iberville Museum

Iberville Museum is housed in the “Old City Hall” which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Built in 1848, the Greek Revival building served as the fourth courthouse for the Parish of Iberville.  The building is a single story, brick and plaster structure with four Doric columns that set off two huge cypress doors. The building served as the parish seat of government for 57 years until 1906, at which time a new courthouse was built.  The building was occupied as City Hall until 1985. At that time, it was recognized as the second-oldest structure in Louisiana still being used as the seat of local government.

The museum depicts life and culture in the parish from 1864.  Exhibits include Iberville Life and Heroes, Mardi Gras, Iberville at War which features a World War II Norden Bombsight and Turning with the Century which features a wedding ensemble from 1900.

Iberville Museum
57735 Main Street
Plaquemine, Louisiana