Louisiana Travel | Places to Visit: Chauvin Sculpture Garden & Nicholls Art Studio


Chauvin Sculpture Garden & Nicholls Art Studio

In 1988, the reclusive Kenny Hill pitched a tent for his home on a narrow strip of property on the bayouside of Bayou Petit Caillou.  Two years later, without explanation, he would begin to transform the small plot of land into an artistic masterpiece.

The area is filled with over 100 statues; the sculptures a mixture of Biblical reference, rich Cajun colors, and the evident pain and struggle of the artist’s life.  The theme of redemption and suffering seems to run throughout the artist’s work.

In 2000, Hill was evicted from the property for not keeping his yard under control.  He disappeared on foot to walk back to his home state of Arkansas.  Nicholls State University has acquired the property and it is opened for public viewing.

Chauvin Sculpture Garden & Nicholls Art Studio
5337 Bayouside Drive
Chauvin, Louisiana