Louisiana Travel | Great Music and Great Food at the Bayou Music Festival BY: Susan Arcement

The Bayou Music Festival in Golden Meadow serves up great music and great food! From Zydeco to Country, from Rock to Pop, there’s music for everyone all weekend long.

Stroll the arts and crafts booths for locally hand-made items – children’s clothing and hair ribbons, fleur de lis, handbags, jewelry, rocking horses and so much more.

Remember Dufrenes Bakery in Golden Meadow? No one passed through Golden Meadow without stopping to pick up freshly baked sweets and French bread on their way to fishing or crabbing on the Island. Well, 81-year-old Gerry Chaisson used the recipes for Dufrenes pies and tea cookies to bake a tableful of pies and cookies – lemon, coconut, custard, blueberry, and pumpkin to name a few.

A supervised Kid’s Zone has over a half dozen inflatables for the kids. Also, the park has beautiful grounds and a well-kept playground where kids can run and play on the swings, monkey bars and other playground equipment.

The festival is put on every fall by the Rotary Club. Its members and volunteers work hard to bring you a great family fun event. All money from the fundraiser stays in the local area to benefit projects in the local community.

Did I tell you? They sure can cook down the bayou!

The Rotarians were serving pork grillades, pork routee, jambalaya, seafood boulettes, white beans and rice and a lot more. We had the pork grillades, seafood boulettes, and white beans. It tasted just like home cooking.

We spoke with Kim and Buffy Boura who were helping out at the festival and they let us in on the secrets of some of their best-selling Cajun foods.

The seafood boulettes are made with raw ground shrimp and crabmeat, seasoning, and eggs. They combine the ingredients, roll them in a ball, pass them through flour, and then fry to a nice brown color.

Grillades are made from a pork roast that is cut paper thin by the butcher. The meat is marinated in Italian dressing overnight. It’s thrown on a hot barbeque grill where it cooks fast. The grillades were perfectly seasoned with the added grilled flavor.

Pork Routee is a pork roast seasoned with garlic and SeasonAll only. Kim says the secret is cooking the pork in a black cast-iron pot. The meat is cooked down until tender and then served over rice.

It’s worth the drive down to Golden Meadow just for a meal! — But there’s so much more fun to be had at the Bayou Music Fest!