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Louisiana Travel : Giant Omelette Celebration


Giant Omelette Celebration
Abbeville, Louisiana

Want to make a giant omelette?  All you need is 5027 eggs, 50 lbs. onions, 75 bell peppers, 4 gallons onion tops, 2 gallons parsley, 1-1/2 gallons cooking oil, 6-1/2 gallons milk, 52 lbs. butter, 3 boxes salt, 2 boxes black pepper, crawfish tails and Tabasco pepper sauce to taste . . . and you’ll need a 12-foot skillet.

Don’t have the 12-foot skillet?  That’s okay, just go to Abbeville’s 27th annual Giant Omelette Celebration and try their omelette!

Think you’re handy with a tractor? In the Tractor Egg Cracking Competition, competitors try their hand at backing into an egg . . . the egg with the smallest crack wins.  Enjoy music, food, arts and crafts, antique car show, Kids World on Saturday and much more!

Saturday, November 5, 2011 – Sunday, November 6, 2011
Magdalen Square
Abbeville, Louisiana