Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


You all wanted info!! So here is some from North-Western West Virginia (Huntington, to be exact) on the Ohio River.  I’ve lived here 71 years & Dee, my wife, grew up on a farm in the middle of WV (she’s 50+).. We both consider ourselves Southerners & act accordingly.  We vacation either at the Outer Banks, NC, New Orleans or the Mountains in eastern WV.  We LOVE them all especially for their various reasons & the variety of—-whatever!!  Which brings us to LA & the variety of foods, people, events, beer (of course–Dixie & Abita {which we can only buy in Newport, KY, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, OH}), & just being in a slower, more friendly atmosphere which we definitely enjoy.  What we would like to see/read would be– Southern/Cajun recipes & any other interesting info you might want us to know about SLA.  By the way, we monthly support the NO food bank (as well as ours) & the Crescent City Farmers Mkt–ours, too!   Thanks for being there & good fortune on your new site.

Take care

Dee & Tom Igou (she’s 100% Irish & I’m 50% French, with some English/Irish/Scotish thrown in).

* * *

Hi, It’s nice to meet you!  We just started our website/newsletter in February and we’re working on getting more real Cajun recipes and travel articles on the site.  We will soon have Cajun product ads at the Marketplace that ya’ll might be interested in to see what some other Cajun folks are up to.

Take care,

Sue Arcement