Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


I’m a new subscriber!
Have  been looking for a Pontchartrain Sauce recipe.
Can you help?
Just this past Friday returned from a RV trip to New Orleans, WOW!!!

Thanks in Advance!!

Tom Crabtree


Welcome, Tom!  Sounds like you had a good time in the Big Easy!

As for the Pontchartrain Sauce . . . That’s not really what I would call an old-fashioned Cajun recipe.  Cajun cooking was born out of simple everyday country cooking using ingredients that the Acadians had at their disposable.

Pontchartrain Sauce is more of a New Orleans-style creation.  That’s not to say that today’s Cajuns haven’t expanded our culinary tastebuds!  We incorporate our city cousins cooking and other cuisines into our every day meals, too . . . Boudin Burrito anyone?

Here’s a delicious recipe for Pontchartrain Sauce for Fish or Chicken that Chef JP of That Place serves at his restaurant.  I think you’ll like it!