Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


Hi, my daughter lives in Baton Rouge and I read your newsletter with interest…don’t know if you can help me or not….I belong to a dinner group of 16 women and we would like to make a cajun dinner in early March–I wonder if you would have any suggestions for a menu – I can probably find recipes, but was trying to figure out what would be a good, fairly simple menu – usually we have a couple of appetizers, meal, dessert. Any suggestions would be most welcome.  Thank you.

Kathy of Ontario

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Sounds like fun! When throwing a party, I like to have as much done ahead of time so that I can enjoy my guests. So I’ll give you some suggestions of a Cajun dinner that can be done ahead but still have that great Cajun flavor!

First off, for an appetizer you can make a shrimp mold served with your favorite crackers. Here’s a recipe for Louisiana Shrimp Cheese Log that you can make the day ahead.

Nothing says Cajun like a good gumbo! Choose your favorite – filé or okra, chicken & sausage or seafood. Gumbo can be cooked early in the day – simmering all day on the stove only makes it better! Gumbo stretches far and it really fills you up. You can find several gumbo recipes here: http://www.cajundaughters.com/category/recipes/soups/

You have to have potato salad to go along with the gumbo and French bread. If you don’t have French bread where you are, you can use some other type of loaf bread from the bakery. Slice it up before dinner and provide your guests with butter.

For a traditional Cajun dessert, try Dot’s Tarte a la’ Bouille. That’s my mom’s recipe for Custard Pie and it’s pronounced TOT A LA BOO-EE. It makes three pies which is more than enough for your 16 guests. Making pies is a little involved but you can make it the day ahead. If you prefer cake, my aunt’s Pecan Cake is also traditional and really yummy.

Wishing your dinner party a success!