Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


We ride motorcycles,  specifically Harleys.  The standing joke is that Harley riders plan our trips around where we are going to eat.  I noticed you have not tried Rita Mae’s in Morgan City.  You are missing out on a wonderful experience.  I found out about your website from the Houma Courier article.   Saving family recipes has been important in our family for many years.  What a wonderful service you offer.  Thank you.  I will subscribe to your newsletter and check out your review of restaurants in Louisiana.


 * * *

Looks like we’ll need to get one of dem Harleys and join ya’ll .  .  . we do the same! We actually passed in front of Rita Mae’s when we went to the Petroleum Festival, but we were full of festival food so didn’t stop.  Thanks for the tip!  We’ll try her out next time we’re in Morgan City.

Sue & Kaye