Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


I just found out about your website today and think it is a great idea. I haven’t had much time to view it yet but hope to this week-end.  I hope to get some true old Cajun recipes that you have obtained in your search throughout Cajun Country.  I sometimes come across a Cajun dish that taste like it did when I was young.  I had supper at a friend’s a couple of years ago cooked by a friend of his.  It was rice dressing and that first bite instantly filled me with a taste I had long forgotten. The unique and delicious taste shocked me into the realization that so many dishes we now serve are nothing compared to what the true recipe for these were in the past.  I told the cook that I had eaten a lot of rice dressing these past few years but had forgotten how the true Cajun rice dressing my mother and aunts used to cook until I had his dressing.

If I understand correctly, this is what you are trying to do with your website.  I plan to return to your website later and look for some of the recipes you have been able to get and will send you a few old and true recipes if I can find them.

Do you have the great old recipes that you have come across on your site?

Do you have a Facebook page?

I really love the name of your webpage.

Take Care,


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We agree!  There’s nothing like good, down home Cajun cooking like Mama used to do it!  Unfortunately, like most good cooks, our moms and aunts didn’t write it down because they knew how to cook by heart (or should I say, from the heart).  We’re trying to get folks to write down their recipes and share so we don’t lose this great Cajun cooking heritage.

A lot of the recipes I share at Cajun Daughters are either my Mom’s, sister-in-laws, aunts, friends, and my attempt to recreate some of the cooking I had growing up that my Mom didn’t write down.

Yes, we do have a Facebook page.  You can like us at www.facebook.com/CajunDaughters.

Take care,