Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


Hi there,

I thoroughly enjoy reading your emails I have subscribed to. I thought about your article the other day while enjoying yet another menu item from Goal Post Drive Inn in Raceland.

I remember you named quite a few items from the menu that you enjoyed. However, if you hadn’t tried the roast beef, you missed one of THE BEST that the Goal Post has to offer!

Whether on bun or the po-boy bread, it is delicious.

Just thought I’d offer that suggestion to you. I’ve lived in Raceland for 31 years now, and don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything BUT the roast beef that Goal Post is known so much for.

Enjoy if you decided to treat yourself!

Edna Boudreaux

* * *

Thanks for the tip Edna! ¬†We’ll be sure to try Goalpost’s roast beef next time we’re down in Raceland.