Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


Reader Gordon Becnel has a question about last week’s recipe:

Your recipe for Crawfish Etouffee says, “Make roux with butter and flour over medium heat until light brown.” I thought an etouffee, by definition, does not contain a roux. Am I wrong?


To Roux or Not to Roux

Gordon, you’re right about the definition of etouffee!  The word etouffee comes from the French étouffer, which means to smother.

That being said, Cajuns throughout South Louisiana all have their ways of cooking an etouffee.  Some hold true to the original meaning and smother the meat or seafood with no added roux.  You can find a recipe for a venison etouffee made without a roux here.

Then there’s some etouffees made with a small roux.  And then there’s the etouffees made with a tomato base.

I’ve tried them all and they all have their merits!