Letters from Our Readers

Letters from Our Readers


Hi Sue,

I am really enjoying your newsletters. Hopefully you can help me with a luncheon I am planning on having on April 24.  I belong to a Garden Club in Schriever and I will host the Club’s luncheon at my home in Schriever for about 15 people.  I would like to have a PICNIC THEME luncheon and have it under my covered patio.

What would be a simple menu (not too expensive) that I could serve and would you have any ideas on decorating and serving suggestions?  I thought about using the pint-size  canning jars for serving the beverages.    I would really like to have everyone feel like they have gone on a real picnic.  Any suggestions you could give would be most appreciated.

Have a good weekend.

Marlene Hebert

Hi Marlene,

When I think picnic, I think sandwiches.  My sister-in-law makes these fantastic miniature muffalettas for some of her parties.  She makes the best homemade buns that just make the sandwich.  Here’s her recipe for 50 buns: Evelyn’s Best Buns.

After the buns are baked and cooled, slice open and add a slice of salami, ham and mozzarella.  Spread on a little muffaletta olive spread which you can buy at Rouse’s. You can make these ahead of time and refrigerate if you’ll be using them in a few days or freeze on a cookie sheet, then put in a ziplock bag and return to the freezer.

When ready to serve, put pre-filled buns on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven and heat until the cheese melts.  Be careful not to burn the bread!  The buns have a crispy crust and the muffalettas are um-um good!

Since your luncheon is in April, a cool dessert would fit the bill.  Here’s a recipe for a Snowball Cake that’s novel and screams summertime!

The canning jars for beverages is a great idea.  Why not continue the theme with red and white checkered tablecloths and daisies for centerpieces?

Hope this helps!