Franklin Restaurant | A Taste of Louisiana’s Cajun Coast at The Forest Restaurant
BY: Natalie Daigle

A Taste of Louisiana’s Cajun Coast at The Forest Restaurant

Right off of West Main Street in Franklin, the Forest is one of the most flavorful and authentic of Cajun restaurants. Serving a variety of dishes, the Forest is known for guaranteeing that orders are prepared as customers wish. Offering catering for weddings, banquet rooms for parties, sit down dinners in the restaurant and take-out for nights when you just don’t want to cook, it is hard to pass up the irresistible meals served at the Forest Restaurant.

I had the pleasure of eating at The Forest with my dad’s side of the family. One thing about my family is that we all like to eat (hard to believe right?!). With busy schedules, it is hard to see and visit family. My grandma’s brothers and sisters came up with the solution of eating and visiting family at a different restaurant within the local area once a month. We have moved from city to city but The Forest is often our meeting place. The Forest reminds me of home because not only do I see my family when I go, but I am treated like family by the staff.

We frequent The Forest because the food is delicious and the staff is amazing. How often do you go to a restaurant and feel like you are at home? The food reminds me of my grandma’s home cooking. When we went to The Forest this past weekend, my family ordered a variety of dishes. We started with an order of onion rings fried to perfection with their own batter tossed on thickly sliced onions. The rings were delightful! Some of the other dishes ordered were grilled chicken and cheese melt with a baked potato, fried crawfish with fries, a cheeseburger with fries, and an entrĂ©e of fried shrimp and fried oysters with a stuffed potato.

While I tried to stay a little healthier when ordering, my grilled chicken melt and baked potato were the BEST I have ever eaten. The chicken was full of seasoning but it kept the original flavor of the chicken. I have gone to restaurants many times and ordered chicken that was dry and had absolutely no flavor. This was not the case at The Forest. My chicken and cheese melt was not dry and full of flavor. It was DELICIOUS! The Forest turned a typically plain dish into a heavenly meal. I may be crazy for going to The Forest and ordering chicken (I typically order seafood) but I do not regret it. Each time I have gone to The Forest I have tried something different and each time I find a new favorite.

My meal had perfect proportions that left me not too full but satisfied. I should not have ordered the dessert, but with a name like Mississippi Mud Pie, I could not help it. The pie had multiple layers. The crust was a sweet pecan crumble, followed by cream cheese, a creamy chocolate pudding, and whipped cream drizzled with pecans. If my pants would allow it and I had the budget for it, I would eat at The Forest at least every week.

What Cajun Daughters loves about The Forest Restaurant: The food is always delicious and the servers are sweet.

The Forest Restaurant
1909 Main Street
Franklin, Louisiana