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Do you like to cook?  Do you like to eat?  Do you like to talk about cooking and eating?  Cajun Daughters is looking for Field Editors to represent the 22 Cajun parishes.  If you’re interested in becoming a field editor for Cajun Daughters and helping promote and preserve our unique Cajun culture, see the info below and submit your information to Susan at


“Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage and offer it to our children.”


It is the goal of Cajun Daughters to preserve our Cajun cooking heritage.  We are collecting the real Cajun recipes that we Cajuns have cooked and passed on through our mothers and grandmothers (and others).  Unfortunately, some of these great recipes are forever lost because they weren’t written down.

Now, we know that all us Cajuns cook differently – Prairie Cajuns, River Cajuns, Bayou Cajuns, etc. – all have our special spin on things.  That’s why we’re putting together a group of us representing the 22 original Cajun parishes to serve as a volunteer group to help in this worthy cause.

As a Cajun Daughter Field Editor, you would share Cajun recipes with our staff and online community, as well as spread the word about Cajun Daughters in your area.

So if you are interested in passing on your Cajun heritage, please submit the following for consideration as a Field Editor:

Your name

Email address


Parish you represent

A photo of yourself (a headshot to be used on the Cajun Daughters website and newsletter)

A short paragraph about yourself  (to be used on the Cajun Daughters website and newsletter)


We look forward to hearing from you!