Deadly Reunion by June Shaw


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This is one class reunion you won t want to miss!
Cealie Gunther joins former classmates for a class reunion during an Alaskan cruise. The spunky widow hasn’t seen most high school friends since they graduated, but agrees to this reunion since a former good friend has a major problem she can help solve. Besides, Cealie s hunky restaurateur lover Gil Thurman has been urging her to marry him. She can t commit when she s so close to rediscovering herself, and the cruise will give her time away from him she hopes. She ll also get to visit her son who lives in the area.
Surprises greet her from the start. Cealie can t believe she begins trying to exude sexiness to compete with women she knew way back when and then wounds herself in the process. People around her start dying and soon she s sorting through former friends secrets and lies, trying to learn whether she ever knew them at all. Someone with her may be a killer. She ll need to ferret out a murderer before more classmates die.