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Cajun Product | La Petite City Bakery

BY: Morgan Veillion

La Petite City Bakery

People are being drawn in by the big yellow sign that says “Bakery” on West 7th Street.  While it may not be a huge shop, there is much inside.  The bright pink painted walls are only a reflection of its cheerful owner, Sabina.  There’s a comfy little love seat in the corner to sit for a nice chat with Sabina as she tells you about the day’s array of sweets she has baked in her kitchen.

Sabina loves to talk about her past and how she came to be the owner of La Petite City Bakery. She grew up in South Vacherie and made her way to Thibodaux for school. While it was not her intention to own a bakery growing up, she said that she was excited when everything just fell into place.

Fried pies were interesting to her because not many people make them in the south. Her fried pies are made using her own dough and filled with lemon, sweet potatoes, apple, coconut, peach, strawberry, and more. These fried pies were made to, as Sabina said, “satisfy the Cajun palate”.

Her most traditional Cajun dessert is her original pralines. These pralines come in a variety of flavors: Butter Pecan, Rum, Coconut, and Almond. While they used to be sold in Rouse’s Stores, you can now only purchase them at La Petite City Bakery.

Sabina also sells coffee brownies for the chocolate and coffee lover. Experimenting by putting coffee into her brownie mix, these brownies have become a big hit. After selling the new coffee brownies, the customers “just kept coming back”. Sabina said, “Almost every day I try to make a different brownie and usually I sell my brownies out everyday.”

Along with brownies and fried pies, La Petite City Bakery also sells gingerbread men and tea cookies, that she sometimes shapes like a fleur de lis and hand paints. But these are not the only goodies! This bakery also sells fruit cake and peanut butter fudge. Starting last week, they now sell cake-pops, too.

If you are diabetic, no problem! Just call in advance and there will be special treats just for you!

The one product that Sabina is most happy about is her original product, Pralines-In-A-Jar, which are patent-pending. These pralines have a shelf-life of 3-6 months and all you have to do is put it in the microwave for freshly-made pralines! Easy, quick, and very good!

Sabina is also thinking of creating an outside space in the future with tables and chairs to create a more relaxing environment; although, she has that already!  She said that people “always remember how you make them feel, and for that feeling, they will come back.”

What Cajun Daughters love about La Petite City Bakery:  Love chatting with the owner and her special dough she uses for her fried pies makes them outstanding!

Location: 534 West 7th Street, Thibodaux, Louisiana

Phone: 504-444-1814

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8-5

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