Made in Acadiana

Cajun Product | Deer Antler and Brass Shell Casing Ink Pens

BY: Morgan Veillion

These one of a kind genuine Deer Antler and Brass Shell Casing Ink Pens are the handiwork of local woodturner, John E. Barrios. Each of these pens are handmade and no two can possibly be the same. These pens can be a wonderful souvenir if the antlers and shell casing come from a hunting trip, or if given as a gift to an avid deer hunter.

Barrios also creates bowls, platters, and vases from old trees. He enjoys that he can take old trees and transform them into something new and beautiful. Barrios especially likes that all designs on the finished woodworks are each unique and come from nature itself.

For more information, call John E. Barrios at 985-857-9444.

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