Made in Acadiana

Cajun Product | Da Cajn Critter: The Lifestyles, The Rules, and Makin’ Groceries by Pamela D. Lyles


Da Cajn Critter is filled with 185 of the author’s favorite recipes collected over the years, from family heirlooms to recipes gathered from all over the United States and the world.  But it is so much more than just another cookbook.  It is a melting pot of recipes and childhood memories gathered over a lifetime of cooking, eating, and celebrating in her family’s kitchen.

The Lagniappe section brought back memories of how my mom taught me in her own Cajun kitchen of how to make the perfect fudge or the perfect cake.  Lagniappe is full of other useful information such as how to buy fresh bread, keeping potatoes from turning brown, choosing the right wine . . . the list goes on.

A certified product of Louisiana, Da Cajn Critter won “Best Books” at the USA Book News Awards in the Home Entertaining category.  Da Cajn Critter breaks the rules and makes cooking fun again.