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Cajun Product | Cuddin Eddie’s Prize-Winning Bar-B-Q Sauce

Cuddin Eddie’s Prize-Winning Bar-B-Q Sauce

Made from his mother’s recipe dating back to the 1940s, Cuddin Eddie’s award-winning bar-b-q sauce is a great Cajun-style bar-b-q sauce to add to your pantry. So good Eddie remembers as a boy just slapping some of his mom’s long-simmering bar-b-q sauce on a slice of white bread and munching it down!

Cuddin Eddie must of gotten his cooking skills from his mom, because he also developed several other products. He has experimented over the years with different types of hot peppers to get the perfect blend of relish and offers Pepper Relish from mild to hot to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Cuddin Eddie has developed a Jalepeno Olive Oil and Fais Do Do Dry Seasoning also. All Cuddin Eddie’s products can be found at