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Cousin Boudreaux’s Seasoning Mixes


There’s nothing like home-cooked Cajun food.  But let’s face it, to make a good Cajun meal from scratch can take hours and sometimes we just don’t have the time.  One of my favorite go-to quick Cajun fixes is Cousin Boudreaux’s seasoning mixes.

Cousin Boudreaux makes seasoning mixes for Cajun favorites like Creole Gumbo, Shrimp Creole, Etouffee, Creole Jambalaya and Creole Sauce Piquante.  Along with several seafood and vegetable dip mixes, they also have a Fettuccine Mix, Creole Chili, Creole Meat Loaf, and Cane River Meat Pie.  Cousin Boudreaux even takes care of dessert with a Southern Pecan Pie mix.

Of the ones I’ve tried, my favorite is the Creole Sauce Piquante.  I really liked the Shrimp Dip, Creole Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole and Etouffee Mixes also.

(For the mixes that call for tomato sauce, I add a teaspoon of brown sugar to take the bite out of the acidic tomato sauce.