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Bourgeois Smokehouse & Specialty Meats

By: Morgan Veillion

As many Cajuns know, food is an essential part to all family gatherings and festivals. Some of the best meats that I know of come from Bourgeois Smokehouse and Specialty Meats. For birthdays and every holiday, this is where our meat comes from!

When walking in, you can smell the delicious aromas of the fresh meat being smoked. And then to top it all off, the staff is really friendly, too! After learning more about the place, I can tell that this business was the real thing. Cajun hospitality and original Cajun food! How often can you get that?

Both a USDA facility and in a great location, owner John Bourgeois knew what he was doing when opening Bourgeois. Known locally and nationwide, Bourgeois has definitely made its impact in the Cajun industry since establishing in 2008. With an expanding fan base, came an expanding store. Not only selling their products as retail, but also as wholesale, this smokehouse is gaining popularity, and for a good reason.

From their mouth-watering beef jerky to the fresh smoked sausage, you just can’t go wrong with anything you order. They have stuffed chickens, sausage, andouille, tasso, boudin, and even hog head cheese. But you cannot forget to try their famous beef jerky! Sliced 3/8 inch thick and kept juicy by marinating in a Cajun season blend, this beef jerky is like no other, especially after being smoked in Bourgeois’ handmade smokers.

For the avid hunter, Bourgeois Smokehouse offers deer processing. In the South, where hunting and good food is popular, this is the place to go.

Don’t fret if you can’t get to Bourgeois though! They ship some of their products such as beef jerky, beef snack sticks, smoked andouille, smoked sausage, and tasso. Vacuum sealed, of course! How else would they keep those wonderful flavors in?

What Cajun Daughters love about Bourgeois Smokehouse and Specialty Meats:¬†People make a special trip from out of town just to get Bourgeois beef jerky — it’s that good!

Location: 1461 Tiger Drive, Thibodaux, Louisiana

Phone: 985-447-1604

Hours: Monday – Friday 7-5, Saturday 8-12