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Cajun Joke | Cajun Tradition


Cajuns have a lot of traditions and customs.   One custom is that when a husband and wife have twins, the husband must give names to his children within an hour of their birth.  In the event that the husband is not available, then the husband’s oldest brother must name the twins.

Pierre and his wife Marie were blessed to be having twins.  Unfortunately, the twins came early and Pierre was working offshore when they were born.  So Pierre’s oldest brother, T-Bob, was summoned to the hospital to name the twins.

When Marie was finally able to reach Pierre offshore, she told him the good news – they had a healthy boy and girl!  Pierre was so happy!  Then he sobered up because he realized his brother T-Bob was responsible for naming the twins . . . and T-Bob was known to be a terrible prankster!

So Pierre asked his wife, “Marie, did T-Bob name our children?”

“Yes, Pierre.”

“What did he name our daughter?”  Pierre asked warily.

“Mais, Pierre, T-Bob gave her such a pretty name.  Denise.”

Pierre was happy with that and he figured his big brother had finally grown up and taken his responsibility seriously.

“So, Marie, what did he name our son?”