Boudreaux Jokes

Cajun Joke | Boudreaux Fit at 80


Boudreaux, an 80-year-old Cajun, goes to the doctor for his yearly checkup. The doctor is amzed at what good shape he is in and asks, “How you stay in such great physical condition, Boudreaux?”

“I stay in the swamp and I hunt and fish every day,” says the old Cajun, “and dat’s why I’m in such good shape.  I’m up well before daylight and out hunting or fishing all day.  I have a beer for breakfast and at lunch and wid my supper.  And I have a shot of houch before bed time.  And I say my prayers every night.  And all is well wid me.”

“Well,” says the doctor, “I’m sure dem prayers help, but dar’s got to be more to it.  How old was your father when he died?”

“Who said Pop is dead?”

The doctor is amazed.  “You mean you’re 80 years old and your father’s still alive?  How old he is?”

“Pop be 100 next month,” says Boudreaux.  “In fact, he hunted with me dis morning, and den we went to a beer joint for a while and had a few beers and dat’s why he’s still alive.  He’s a tough Cajun man and he hunts and fishes every day, too.”

“Well,” the doctor says, “that’s great, but I’m sure there’s more to it than that.  How about your father’s father?  How old was he when he died?”

“Who said my Paw Paw’s dead?”

Stunned, the doctor asks, “You mean you’re 80 years old, your father is 100 and your grandfather’s still living?  Incredible!  How old he is?”

“We tink ’bout 118,” says the old Cajun.  “He likes his beer, too, but he won’t touch the hard stuff.”

The doctor is getting frustrated at this point.  “So, I guess  your grandfather went hunting and fishing with ya’ll this morning, too?”

“No. Paw Paw couldn’t go this time.  He’s getting married today.”

At this point the doctor is close to losing it.  “Getting married!  Why would a 118-year-old man want to get married?”

Boudreaux looked down at the floor and mumbled, “Who said he wanted to?”