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Cajun Dictionary – P-Q


Pain Perdu (pan-pear-doo) – Literally, “Lost Bread,” referring to the stale bread that would otherwise be thrown out.  Also known as French toast, it is a breakfast treat that is made by soaking stale bread in an egg and milk batter, frying golden-brown, and then topping with powdered sugar and cane syrup.

Pirogue (pee-rog) – A Cajun canoe, sometimes made from a dug-out cypress tree.

Pistollette (pistol-let) – A small French bread that is cut and the middle scooped out so that it can be filled with a delicious Cajun favorite, such as crawfish etouffee.

Po’ Boy – A traditional Louisiana sandwich made with French bread and filled with either meat like roast beef, meatballs, or ham or filled with fried oysters, shrimp fish, or crawfish.  A “dressed” po’ boy has mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

Praline (praw-leen) – A flat, smooth and creamy candy made with sugar, butter, milk and traditionally pecans, though there are many recipes with different ingredients.  You’ll usually find a fresh-made can of pralines at a Cajun’s home during the winter holidays (Thanksgiving through New Year’s).  Recipe:  Evelyn’s Pralines

Purple, Green and Gold – the official Mardi Gras colors.