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Cajun Dictionary – J-K


Jambalaya (jum-bo-lie-yah) – A rice dish that can have any number of meats, seafood, sausage, and wild game combinations and seasonings and spices.  Some jambalayas have tomatoes added and some are brown.  Recipe:  Seafood Jambalaya

Joie de Vivre (zhwa-d-veev) – the Cajun’s Joy of Life.

King Cake – A ring-shaped pastry eaten during Carnival season that is decorated with colored sugar in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold.  Tradition requires that the person who gets the hidden baby in his piece must provide the next King Cake.

Krewe – A Carnival organization whose members organize the parades and host the ball and other parties throughout the Carnival season.  In addition to their Carnival activities, many krewes also participate in charitable events throughout the year.