Cajun Dictionary

Cajun Dictionary – B


Bahbin – a pouting facial expression.

Bayou (bi-you) – one of the many streams crisscrossing Louisiana.

Beaucoup (boh-KOO) – “A lot.”

Beb – a term of endearment, sweetheart, darling.

Bebette – bug or critter, scary monster.

Beignet (ben-yay) – Sweet, square-shaped doughnuts, minus the hole, sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Usually served with café au lait, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Bisque (bis-k) – 1.  A thick, cream or milk-based soup usually made with crawfish, shrimp, or oysters.  Recipe:  Corn and Crab Bisque 2.  Crawfish bisque is a roux-based stew, traditionally garnished with crawfish heads stuffed with a mixture of crawfish meat and seasonings. Recipe: Louisiana Crawfish Bisque

Black-eyed peas – A variety of field pea that is popular in Cajun country and eaten with rice.  We eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck in the coming year (and cabbage with a dime placed in it.  Whoever gets the dime it is believed will be wealthy in the coming year.) Recipe:  Black-Eyed Peas

Bon Appetite! (bon a-pet-tite) – “Enjoy your meal!”

Bonjour – Hello.

Boucherie (boo-shuh-ree) – A community butchering of a pig which involved several families.  Each family helped process the different cuts of meat and took home their share of the yield.  This process was done in late fall to provide meat throughout the winter.  Today, a lot of families continue to host or participate in boucheries as a way to preserve our heritage.  The boucherie lasts several days and everyone helps in the processing, with a big dinner on the last day with music and dancing.

Boudin (boo-dan) – A sausage made from a blend of pork, rice, onions, parsley and green onions.  A popular snack that is sold in meat markets and convenience stores  throughout South Louisiana.

Boulettes (boo-lets) – Ground seafood, usually fish, crawfish, or shrimp, mixed with seasonings and breadcrumbs, then deep-fried in oil.

Bouree (boo-ray) – a popular Cajun card game.

Bousillage (BOO-see-ahj) – Louisiana’s French Creole architectural tradition.  This unique type of construction has frame walls, with French joinery, that are filled with a combination of clay, Spanish moss and sometimes animal hair.

Bread Pudding – A rich dessert traditionally prepared with stale bread, milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla, and often served with rum sauce.  It is a particularly popular dessert in South Louisiana.