Cajun History

Acadian Reminiscences – Chapter 7

Acadian Reminiscences
by Felix Voorhies, 1907


The Acadian Reminiscences, is a word painting of the life of the Acadians in the Teche Country in the long ago.


The plain, simple frugal life of these people, their devotion to principle, their unbounded faith in the goodness of God, their love for each other during all their misfortunes and perilous wanderings, appeal to the heart.


The simple pathos of the grandmother’s story comes to us with such consummate art, that the eye unwittingly grows moist, as the reader follows the journeyings of this little band, self-exiled and noble in their poverty, from desolated homes on the bleak Acadian coast, to their final destination in the hospitable valley of the Teche.


Chapter 7 – Assisted by Their Generous Friends –
The Acadians become prosperous, but yearn to rejoin their friends and relatives in Louisiana

The same day, we moved to their farms, which lay near by, and I shall never forget the kind welcome we received from these two families.  They vied with each other in their kind offices toward us, and ministered to our wants with so much grace and affability, that it gave additional charm and value to their already boundless hospitality.

“Petiots, let the names of Brent and of Smith remain enchased forever like precious jewels in your hearts; let their remembrance never fade from your memory, for more generous and worthier beings never breathed the pure air of heaven.

“Thus it was, petiots, that we settled in Maryland after leaving Acadia.

“Three years passed away peacefully and happily, and during the whole of that time, the Smith and Brent families remained our steadfast friends.  Our party had prospered, and plenty smiled once more in our homes.  We lived as happy as exiles could live away from the fatherland, ignorant of the fate of those who had been torn from us so ruthlessly.  In vain we had endeavored to ascertain the lot of our friends and relatives, and what had become of them; we could learn nothing.  Many parents wept for their lost children; many a disconsolate wife pined away in sorrow and hopeless grief for a lost husband; but, petiots, the saddest of all was the fate of poor Emmeline Labiche.

“Emmeline Labiche?  Who was Emmeline Labiche?  We had never heard her name mentioned before, and our curiosity was excited to the highest pitch.